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Winter Festival 2022 Order & Costumes

  1. “When You Believe” – Ballet Technique ... Black leotard with rented ballet skirt and ballet shoes ... (Boys) black top and black pants with ballet shoes

  2. “Christmas Without You” – Combo 2/5 A (Madi’s class) ... Black leggings or booties with Christmas shirt or sweater with tap shoes

  3. “What You Want for Christmas” – Hip Hop 6/8 ... Black leggings or joggers with red, green, or white top with tennis or jazz shoes

  4. “This Christmas Day” – Contemporary 9/12 ... Rented red top with black leggings with half-soles

  5. “Cool Yule” – Combo K/1 ... Vest, white shirt underneath, and black leggings or booties with tap shoes

  6. “Christmas Tree Farm” – Jazz 2/5 ... Black leggings or shorts with Christmas shirt or sweater and jazz shoes

  7. “Pon De Replay” – Cami and Marley Competition Duet ... Sequin long sleeve dress and jazz shoes

  8. “This Christmas” – Hip Hop 9/12 ... Black biker shorts/leggings/pants and a red Christmas top (Santa hats encouraged) with jazz or tennis shoes

  9. “Rudolph” – Preschool ... Brown shirt and brown leggings or booties with antlers and tap shoes

  10. “Hot Hot Hot” – Piper, Sam, & Brooklyn Competition Trio ... Red fringe dress and jazz shoes (girls) ... White shirt and black pants and jazz shoes (Sam)

  11. “My Only Wish” – Combo 6/8 ... Black shorts and Christmas top with tap shoes

  12. “Little Drummer Boy” – Hip Hop 2/5 ... Black leggings or joggers and a red, green, or white top with tennis or jazz shoes

  13. “Memories” – Amelia Solo

  14. “Favorite Time of Year” – Jazz 6/8 ... Black shorts with red, green, or white top and Santa hat with jazz shoes

  15. “Go Christmas” – Hip Hop K/1 ... Christmas PJs with tennis shoes

  16. “Classic” – Piper Solo ... Gold jacket costume and jazz or tennis shoes

  17. “Waves” – Cami, Marley, Greta, & Hannah Competition Small Group ... Burgundy strap dress with half-soles

  18. “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” – Combo 9/12 ... Black shorts with Christmas top and tap shoes

  19. “Jingle Bells” – Combo 2/5 B (Jaslyn’s Class) ... Black shorts or leggings with red, green, or white top (jingle bells encouraged) and tap shoes

  20. "That’s Christmas to Me” – Contemporary 6/8 ... Rented blue glitter dress with half soles ... (Boys) black pants with white shirt and half soles

  21. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” – Jazz 9/12 ... Black shorts with green top and jazz shoes

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