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Winter Festival 2022 Family Letter


  • Tickets are on sale for $5 each. You’ll receive two free ones when you pay your Winter Festival fees ($35 per family) so long as your account is paid up to date. Tickets will be on sale at the studio until Friday, December 9th and then available for purchase at the door the day of the event.

  • Any child who is not planning to sit on your lap will need a ticket – each ticket is for one seat. If the child is sitting on your lap, they don’t need a ticket.

  • Tickets are general admission; there is no assigned seating. Doors will open to the facility 1-hour prior to the performance, and you can “reserve” your own seating at that point.


Each routine has a designated “costume” for the performance. See the list below with costuming and what shoes are required for each dance. All female dancers will need to wear tan tights without holes for the performance.

For rental costumes, the ticket table will be set up for costume returns after the performance. Please make sure when you drop off your costume(s) that you talk to a staff member stationed there so we get you marked down properly.

  • Preschool (tap shoes): brown shirt, brown leggings or booties, with antlers

  • Combo K/1 (tap shoes): vest, white shirt underneath, black leggings or booties

  • Combo 2/5 A – in the south studio with Miss Madi (tap shoes): black leggings or booties with Christmas shirt or sweater

  • Combo 2/5 B – in the north studio with Miss Jaslyn (tap shoes): black shorts or leggings with red, green, or white sweatshirt (adding jingle bells is encouraged)

  • Combo 6/8 (tap shoes): black shorts and Christmas top

  • Combo 9/12 (tap shoes): black shorts with Christmas top

  • Hip-Hop K/1 (tennis shoes or jazz shoes): Christmas PJs

  • Hip-Hop 2/5 (tennis shoes or jazz shoes): black leggings or joggers with red, green, or white top

  • Hip-Hop 6/8 (tennis shoes or jazz shoes): black leggings or joggers with red, green, or white top

  • Hip-Hop 9/12 (tennis shoes or jazz shoes): black biker shorts, leggings, or pants with a red Christmas top – Santa hats encouraged

  • Jazz 2/5 (jazz shoes): black leggings or shorts with Christmas sweater or sweatshirt

  • Jazz 6/8 (jazz shoes): black shorts with red, green, or white top and Santa hat

  • Jazz 9/12 (jazz shoes): black shorts with green top

  • Contemporary 6/8 (half-soles): rented costume. Boys (half-soles): black pants with white shirt

  • Contemporary 9/12 (half-soles): black leggings and tan dance bra with rented red top

  • Ballet Technique (ballet shoes): black leotard with rented ballet skirt. Boys (ballet shoes): black top and black pants

Hair and Make-Up

  • Make-up is up to the preference of the parents. Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine by us.

  • Hair should be secured in a low ponytail near the base of the child’s neck. Please make sure bangs are clipped back and secured to keep hair out the child’s face while they’re dancing.

Dressing Rooms

The two backstage dressing rooms will be open for boys in one and the senior class girls in the other. The remainder of students will be dressing in the chorus room, across from the auditorium. Only females will be allowed in the girls’ dressing rooms. If dads need to get daughters dressed, please see Miss Jaslyn.

Performance Etiquette

  • Auditorium doors will open in between numbers only. We ask that large groups refrain from leaving in between numbers – the performance will only be about an hour long.

  • Per Boone High School rules, food and drink is not permitted inside the auditorium.


There will be no professional videotape of Winter Festival. You are welcome to videotape your dancer(s) performance, but flash photography will not be permitted for the safety of the dancers on stage.

General Information

  • If your child wears glasses and has contacts, we ask that they please wear their contacts for the performance. However, for those students without contacts, we don’t want them to be blind, so if they cannot safely see without their glasses, they’re welcome to wear them for the performance.

  • Please bring your child backstage three numbers before their performance so that we have time to get the children lined up and you have time to make it back to your seat in order to watch them.

  • For the safety of the children, please do not let them wear tap shoes in the hallways – it’s very slick. We ask that you have the child carry their tap shoes until they get to the back where they can safely put them on.

  • When it comes to undies, if your child is to wear just a leotard without other bottoms, we ask that you please do not have them wear underwear – this will show on stage. If your child is wearing shorts/leggings/etc. as part of their costume, underwear will not show if worn under tights.

  • If you’ve performed in Winter Festivals with Behn’s Centre of Dance in years past, this year we will not have a Santa visit or cookie/juice social after the performance due to time constraints.

Winter Festival Finale

A Winter Festival 2022 shirt is included in your Winter Festival fees this year. You should have given your dancer(s) t-shirt size to the office staff when you picked up this packet or via text prior to. If you didn’t, please let Miss Jaslyn know what size you’d like ASAP.

  • Winter Festival t-shirts are just $5. If you would like to order additional for other family members, please let Miss Jaslyn or the front desk ASAP. Jaslyn has to have sizes turned in by the 14th in order for them to arrive in time.

After the final number in the recital, all students will be invited from the audience or backstage (wherever they’re at) to join us on stage in their Winter Festival t-shirts and black pants or shorts to do some informal waves/bows to close out our performance.

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