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Jaslyn Reinsel

Studio Owner & Director

Working on her professional certifications in Tap and Ballet through Dance Masters of America, Jaslyn teaches the majority of our classes - anywhere from pointe to hip-hop. Learn more about Jaslyn on the "About Us" page.


Madi Neely


Madi Neely is a 2017 graduate of Behn's Centre of Dance. Upon graduating, she began teaching classes for Mary Jo Mentzer (the former studio owner) and has been with us ever since. She works full-time for the Boone Community School District. At the studio, Madi teaches Preschool through 5th Grade classes in tap, ballet, and tumbling.


Samantha Disbrowe


Samantha Disbrowe is a 2021 graduate of Behn's Centre of Dance. She began teaching the tumbling classes under Mary Jo Mentzer (the former studio owner) while still in high school and continued after graduation. She is currently enrolled in the DMACC Nursing Program in Boone. At the studio, Samantha teaches both tumbling and hip-hop classes.

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