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Tap & Ballet, ages 3+

Tap and Ballet are the foundation of every well-rounded dancer. In ballet, we explore classical, lyrical, and character styles of dance. The strength, control, and poise it provides is the most valuable. In tap, we incorporate the element of rhythmical sounds, enhancing awareness of musicality, balance, agility, and tuning fine motor skills.

Ballet Technique

For Ages 9 and Up

This class is required for all competition and pointe participants, but it is also a great add-on class for any dancer looking to improve their skill and technique. The class is an intense study of the barre and floor work. This class is only held during the fall semester.


For Ages 7 and Up

Students learn the coordination of isolations, strengthening and flexibility exercises. The upbeat attitude, jumps, leaps, and turns make this art form one of the most appealing.


Students explore human feeling and emotions through movement.

For Ages 10 and Up


For Ages 11 and Up

Dancers learn to support their weight on the tips of their feet in specially designed pointe shoes. Held only in the spring, students are required to participate in Ballet Technique during the fall semester.


Students learn enhanced coordination, strength, and passion in fun, alternative movements.

For Ages 5 and Up


For Ages 3 and Up

Proper technique and strength are nurtured in a carefully devised pattern to help ensure the students' safety as they explore acrobatic skills.


For Ages 5 and Up

Competition dancers expand their skillset and challenge themselves to reach new heights in a fun, team-based environment, performing at regional competitions against other dance studios.

Intro to Dance

Ages 2+

Each year for the final four weeks before our spring recital, we offer an introductory course for all children who will be 3 or older after August 1st (and are potty-trained) to explore dance. After the four classes, students "graduate" and are invited to perform at our spring recital.

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