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Looking for a fun, amazing cardio workout? Give Zumba a try! Latin and International music mixed with easy-to-learn dance moves that you don’t have to memorize. Embrace it's stress relief and fitness benefits. Zumba class is currently held every Wednesday evening at 6:45 pm at no cost. Zumba is taught by Jen who spent the last decade as a dedicated Zumba student on the west coast and even attending drop-in classes when traveling. With the desire to share the joy of Zumba, Jen started teaching in 2022 after moving to Boone, IA.

Friends Exercising Together

Rediscover Your Movement

Improve your gait and posture with motor control drills. Anyone looking to move and feel better will benefit from this class. 

What to expect:

  • One-hour group training session with the goal of re-learning to control your movement

  • Learn motor control drills

  • Learn what drills your body benefits from the most

Class times TBD - if you're interested, please contact Mychal Sheridan via text: 712-320-0231

Additional Offerings: Classes
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